Working As A Digital Nomad In Berlin

It’s been really interesting learning about a few different places to work in Berlin, so I thought I would take the time to share them with you.

We’ve been exploring the city a lot- I even went on the longest walk of my life– so we’ve found some interesting places.

It seems like there are hundreds of coworking spaces here- plus thousands of cafes (though I’d say that Wifi provision, called WLAN here, is a little mixed) but I just wanted to give you a glimpse into some of the places that I’ve been to.

Here is the desk I used for a day at the workspace in central Berlin. Seemingly typically for Berlin it is in a huge, repurposed old building.

Popped into the brilliant @theworkspaceberlin – great space to work. Appreciated the warm welcome, the big windows and the #nespresso !

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I tried two Regus Business lounges, which I often had to myself- note the cool pods:

Really loving this business centre in Berlin near Potsdamer Platz – individual pods are really cozy!

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One of them had this view, which wasn’t too shabby!

View from the business centre we are working at in #Berlin today – not bad!

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I’ve also tried some more random places, including:

At a coffee roasters (which I found after an afternoon of already drinking coffee somewhere else)

Workplace 3 today – a coffee roasters in Kreuzberg

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In a market hall in the area we were living in..

Practising skills of being able to influence from anywhere – am working from a market hall in Berlin today!

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And even sitting on a bench by the canal – the impending rain put an end to that one!

Workplace 2 today – on a bench by the canal in Kreuzberg, Berlin!

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I’ve given two talks, in my role as The Influence Expert.

The first one was at the workspace for a digital nomad meetup and the second, at betahaus for a breakfast event. At both I emphasized the difference that growing your influence can make to the impact that you have on the world (more details here if you’re interested).

Alex speaking at a #digitalnomad meetup last night in #Berlin

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If you type ‘coworking spaces berlin’ you get a lot of results! Here is one list of the ‘best coworking spaces in Berlin’ that we have used (for example, Nisha has worked from Fritz 46 and Co.up).

I would certainly recommend Berlin as a place for digital nomads to come to. It’s pretty hard to compare to Las Palmas as the two places are so different. I still feel that I’ve got a lot to discover and interesting people to meet…

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