Why we decided to make Las Palmas, Gran Canaria our first destination

Why we decided to make Las Palmas, Gran Canaria our first destination

One obvious reason is that the weather is a bit nicer than the UK! Summers in the UK are actually pretty nice but winters can be miserable. It will be a real treat to have some slightly higher temperatures.

We’ve heard great things about Las Palmas as a place for digital nomads to be, so we are looking forward to meeting a few. We’ve also heard decent things about the internet speed, which is critical for us.

For our first destination we wanted to choose somewhere which was different enough to be interesting but familiar enough (timezone, a few people speaking English etc) that it wouldn’t be as challenging as some places for digital nomads- that may come later!

There are loads of little things we are looking forward to like living near a beach- I grew up in Brighton close to the beach and my grandfather was a fisherman so it will feel like home in some ways- getting to know a bit about the local culture and just soaking up the atmosphere in a new city. Plus my favourite coffee style in the world is the cortado so I think I will be spoilt!

Also, as luck would have it my cousin teaches at a school in Las Palmas at the moment (I know it sounds silly but I completely forgot when we first considering it as a location!) so that’s a nice added bonus.

  1. Hope it turns out to be as warm and wonderful as you wish it to be. At least you’ll be back for the British summer. Good luck and God bless.

  2. Hey Alex and Nisha, I’ve just seen this! So happy for you both! I know a digital nomad couple – well half a couple, who’ve been for years and they love it! Wishing you both all the best in 2016.

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