Taking The Time To Learn In India

We have now moved to India for a new part of our adventure as digital nomads. We plan to stay until March.

It is the first time I’ve ever been here- Nisha has been twice, but a long time ago. I’ve been so excited to experience it for myself. We first went to Mumbai and have now moved to Rajkot in Gujarat- Nisha’s family are originally from the State.

We’ve also just reached the milestone of 2000 members of our professional networking group for digital nomads and for people who are considering this lifestyle. I’ve written about it here. Please feel free to join the group!

So, what have I seen in India so far? Here’s a snapshot:

The Gateway of India

This entrance to a temple

This amazing beetle

The most expensive private home in the world

This amazing thali

This video of a junction near our hotel in Rajkot

There has been a lot that has inspired, impressed and excited me. At the same time there have been some things that have taken a lot to get used to or that I’ve found hard to understand.

I’m trying my best not to come to any firm conclusions until I’ve been here a bit longer. Even then, I know that I am only exploring one tiny part of an enormous and incredibly diverse country.

With a focus on my life and work I think India is giving me the chance to re-evaluate some of the things that I believe in and some of the things that I want to do. I don’t think I’ve had an experience like this visiting a country since I visited Romania for the first time around 15 years ago: when there were so many things that helped me (in a good way) to challenge what I believed in, what I thought was important and who I wanted to be.

One of the things that is helping me to learn about this country is by talking to local people. Sometimes there is a language barrier (but Nisha helps)- but we have already been invited into a home for some chai and I’m hoping to have some big conversations (one I’ve had about politics has already helped me understand a lot more) in the coming months.

All in all, I just feel incredibly lucky to be here, as I have done for every part of our journey as digital nomads. I can’t quite believe that this is the 6th country we’ve lived in since we started- for the minimum of a month in each. I don’t feel that I’ve yet quite thought through how amazing everything has been- living minutes from the city beach in Las Palmas; the most astounding kebabs in Berlin; listening to fado live for the first time in Lisbon; a beer festival in the grounds of the Royal Palace in Prague; watching fireworks from next to the Parliament in Budapest…..

I know the memories we’ve had as digital nomads will give us pleasure for many years to come and I can’t wait to create some more memories in India.

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