Sheffield Is A Great Location For Digital Nomads- Some Reflections After Six Months

We’ve now been in Sheffield for nearly half a year and I wanted to share some of our discoveries with you. We are actually planning to settle down here for the foreseeable future but are leaving ourselves open to the possibility of continuing our digital nomad adventures at a later date. Our online group for digital nomads goes from strength to strength and is nearly at 2500 members- you can check it out here.

I actually think that Sheffield is a great destination for digital nomads. While the UK isn’t seen as a digital nomad destination for lots of people because it is too expensive (and we don’t have the best weather!)- Sheffield has a lot going for it. As well as the many advantages it has I think it is one of the more affordable cities in the UK.

A lot of people ask us why we moved to Sheffield and I never have one simple answer. Before we moved here properly, we felt- and have subsequently had confirmed, that it has a lot of the features that we like.

Not only is it:

  • friendly
  • has a social conscience
  • multi-cultural
  • promoting of a healthy lifestyle (because there is so much brilliant countryside around the city and parks in the city)
  • has a growing food scene
  • has (in my view) the best pubs in the UK- and I’m a man who mainly wanted to live in Prague because I love Pilsner

….but also it has a lot of the best things from other cities that we have enjoyed living in, like Berlin, London, Brighton, Lisbon, Rajkot and more.

Recently this amazing piece of research showed that Sheffield is the third best place in the world to start a tech business.

Sheffield is becoming more and more of a hub for freelancers and remote workers- our own coworking choice is called Union St. It is really worth checking out even if you are passing through the city- there’s a great coffee shop plus fantastic pop-up food offerings every week.

Since moving to Sheffield we’ve set up a meetup for people who care about social good in the city, I’ve given my first speech in the city and we’ve been to a great many festivals, cultural events and meetings.

I wanted to share with you a few of my highlights of the city- I use TripAdvisor to share my experiences, you can see my profile including reviews from all the places we’ve been to as digital nomads, here.

Pubs and bars

There are so many amazing places, with character, fair prices and atmosphere.

My favourite so far is The Blake – at the top of one of the steepest hills in the city, other great ones include:

The Kelham Island Tavern

The Sheaf View

The Old Workshop



I grew up near an amazing park, London where I lived for a long time has incredible parks and when we first moved to Berlin we lived right near the astonishing Tiergarten- I’ve been spoiled. But Sheffield can match anywhere. There are so many green spaces here that when I go up on a hill (of which there are many) I think Sheffield looks like one enormous Botanical Garden (which it has too!).

Here are a few of the best:

Graves Park

Hillsborough Park

Millhouses Park

Norfolk Park, Endcliffe Park, the list goes on…



In no particular order here are some of the amazing places I’ve enjoyed most:

Kurdistan Charcoal Grill

Hot Dog Hut

The Hidden Gem

Edo Sushi

Kosta’s Greek Deli

QCs Bagel Bar

Ranmoor Friery

Harland Cafe



I’m a big fan of coffee and am lucky to have found some really good places in the city- which can be great places to do some work or have a meeting:


Mr Bubbles (in a laundrette!)


The Holt

Upshot Espresso




Other things…


The Arts Tower has an amazing Paternoster Lift, you have to try it!

The Cutlers’ Hall is stunning inside

Heeley City Farm is brilliant (their beer festival was great too!)

Our Cow Molly is a Sheffield institution


Hope you find the links useful if you come to Sheffield- if you do come, please get in touch!

Oh- and this is the best new (new to me) band I’ve found since I moved here, I love this song:


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