Resting And Strengthening My Mind As A Digital Nomad

My previous post was about improving my body on my first trip as a digital nomad. This one is about improving my mind.

One thing I have appreciated so far is the chance to give my mind a bit of a rest. While we are still living in a city here, compared to London it feels a bit calmer and less busy. People aren’t rushing around quite so much- in fact sometimes I see someone wandering a bit aimlessly and wonder if they are some sort of pervert, then realise they are probably just enjoying the sunshine.

A change of scenery can change your mood or your thoughts, which is one of the many reasons that I think digital nomads can be so productive. Living in a new city makes it harder for your mind to be in a rut- the sights, smells and sounds are so different. Plus I just have to pay more attention than usual because they drive on the other side of the road here!

Just like having a physical rest after a period of activity, I can feel that my mind is relaxing and unwinding. A big help for me is having the sea nearby. I think having water near is something I enjoy. As I grew up near the sea in Brighton, my favourite sport has always been swimming, my grandfather was a fisherman and my star sign is Cancer the crab- (joking about the last one)- it seems to fit.

If I could make my mind better at three things they would be:

Fun– I devote a lot of my mental space to thinking about work-related topics, both those that I get paid for and those that I undertake on a voluntary basis. When I was growing up I was really into singing, art, poetry and reading novels- it has been a long time since any of them have been a big part of my life. Hopefully that will change a little here- I have already read a novel since arriving, for example.

Resting And Strengthening My Mind As A Digital Nomad

Gone Girl really is an addictive book, so difficult to put down!

Focus– The charitable would call me a polymath, the uncharitable, a dabbler. I am not very good at focusing on one thing at a time and I know that sometimes I would achieve more if I did. I hope that being a digital nomad will give me the space to see what is most important.

Flow– As much as possible, I want to be doing work where I experience flow and I want to be productive. If you would like to learn about the concept of flow, this is the expert.

Just the same as with my fitness, I don’t expect immediate improvements, but over time I want to get better and better.

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