Some of the ways in which we have been preparing for our first trip

We’ve been doing quite a lot to prepare for our trip. Although we are both well-travelled this is a new step for us and we don’t have any friends who have been part of this lifestyle. So, we have been meeting up with other people who experience of the digital nomad lifestyle, both via one to ones and at public events.

Some of the ways in which we have been preparing for our first trip

At an event in Google Campus

It has been really encouraging to see the amount of other people out there who are thinking along the same lines as us and to know that many of our questions are things shared by others who are thinking of becoming location independent.

A huge thing for me is that my perception was that a lot of the people who become digital nomads have a high level of technical skills. While I am passionate about social media and I probably know my way around a website well compared to the man in the street, I no way consider myself a technical person. However I have realised that many digital nomads these days (maybe it was different a while ago) aren’t particularly techy, they have just found ways to sell the skills that they do have, online. Talking to other people who either are digital nomads or want to be also made me realise that we have prepared well (we hope!) for our own adventure. I think one of the most critical things is that we don’t have fixed expectations of how things are going to work out, exactly what our lifestyle is going to be like, or indeed where we are going to be this time next year!

Another way in which we have been preparing is that we have made even more of an effort than usual to take advantage of the things that our current location- London- has to offer. In the last few months we have explored London even more than we normally do. We know that we already live in a fantastic place and we don’t think the grass is greener elsewhere: we just fancy a change and an adventure. Alongside this of course we have been trying to spend time with family and friends before we leave.

Finally, we have been brushing up on some of our skills to give ourselves the best possible chance of success when we are away. We are going to a beautiful island and it might well be tempting to chill out on the beach all day. However, as much as we are looking forward to the lifestyle, this isn’t a holiday – we are there to work. So we have been doing all that we can to maximize the opportunities we hope to get.

Of course, we will only know if we prepared well once we have been living in Las Palmas for a bit, but at the moment I am proud of us!

  1. I love hearing about your new way of life – did you have a very established digital business before you left in order to get a mortgage abroad?

    • Thanks Vanessa, that’s lovely to hear! We had some on-going work established that we have been able to continue with here in Las Palmas. We have not bought a place here, we are renting a place via Airbnb, so we don’t have a mortgage.

  2. Hey Nisha and Alex

    Will be embarking on a very similar experience as of next Saturday – the Dordogne here we come!

    Would love to swap war stories and share tips.

    Will be in touch

    Becky x

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