Our New Home As Digital Nomads- Berlin!

We are very excited to share with you that we now live somewhere new- Berlin!

Sorry to not post on the website for a while: after leaving Las Palmas we worked in London (our home base) for a little bit and have now moved to Germany for a few months. We are here because Nisha is working a few days a week at a German company as part of the Erasmus programme. When Nisha was accepted to Erasmus we looked at a number of different countries and cities but Berlin was always very high on our list. I’ve loved Germany from a young age because my aunt, uncle and cousins used to live here (though I’ve only been to Berlin itself for a few hours when I changed planes here on the way back from a trip to Copenhagen). Also, we both studied German at school so, while we can only remember the basics at least we know enough to be polite.

So, we’re living in one of the most central areas. If you would like to see where we live, have a look at this video where I walk to the river (only a few minutes) from our apartment.

Looking very happy with my pils at this brewery in Wedding- probably the best German beer I’ve ever had

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The city has so much history to explore. As Eastern Europe is my favourite part of the world I’ve been to so far, and as I studied politics and then International Relations at University (writing a dissertation on nationalism, in fact), there is a lot I’ve found fascinating already here. I can particularly recommend Germany: Memories of a Nation
>a fantastic book by the previous Director of The British Museum which I have finished reading since I arrived and which has taught me so much I was ignorant about German history and culture.


Nisha with the Brandenburg Gate and TV Tower behind

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One of the best things about the city is that despite it honouring its’ history it still manages to feel new and fresh.

I’ve particularly liked amazing street art in the city.


So much good street art in Berlin like this panda on the side of a building!

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There is also a huge amount of green space in the city. We live near the main city park and there seem to be trees absolutely everywhere. The public transport system is brilliant and there are even trams, which we both love in whatever city we find them (for some reason even we don’t fully understand!).

We are gradually having a look at some of the different areas of the city. We’ve been to a long stretch of the Berlin Wall that has been preserved and we’ve visited a few of the major sites. One of the nicest things has been just to wander around and stumble across things.

For example, it was great to visit an area called Wedding as a married couple!

Very happy to visit Wedding in Berlin today with my beautiful wife! This was in a brewery pub

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There are lots of things we are looking forward to, including experiencing Euro 2016 while we are here, going to a few cultural events (I wonder if the craft beer festival coming up soon can be considered cultural?), getting to know the city much better and of course meeting some interesting people.

Speaking of which, if you are in Berlin, or visiting the city and would like to meet up, let us know! We’d particularly like to meet people working in the field of social good (charities, social enterprise, CSR etc.) while we are here.

  1. I couldn’t think of a better city for you both and especially at this stage of your careers. Can’t wait to read and learn more!

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