Lisbon- an exciting place to be in 2017

I am very happy to report that we are now in Lisbon!

This is my first video here, (in the garden of the place we are renting). We’re staying in a lovely area near the top of one of the hills the city is famous for.

We’ve already explored quite a lot, including enjoying great views of the city, going to Belem, trying the most historic tram ride, Tram 28- and visiting the amazing Time Out food market.

There are some stunning views of this beautiful city #lisbon

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We’ve worked from some great coworking spaces including the beta version of the Impact Hub Lisbon and a coworking space in one of the best hostels in the world.

Lisbon- an exciting place to be in 2017

We’ve been enjoying working on plans for The Moments Journal, which Nisha created last year


Lisbon feels like one of the most exciting places for digital nomads in Europe (if not the world) right now. For a flavour of what is happening, this article and this one are interesting places to start, while this article says that Lisbon is the best place in the world if you are a freelancer.

My business, The Influence Expert has just reached Year 1, so it is an ideal time for me to have some time to reflect and to decide my next steps. There are lots of ways in which I want to take my business forward and I am looking forward to meeting up with some inspiring new people in Lisbon.

Some of the things I have enjoyed most so far are the amazing food, the delicious wine, the great coffee and the beautiful light here- dusk is magical. I’ve even enjoyed the hills, first because I want to get fitter and secondly because I grew up in Brighton not too far from the South Downs and so there is a certain measure of familiarity for me!

I look forward to sharing some of our adventures with you! If you come to Lisbon yourself, please say hello. Oh and our LinkedIn group for digital nomads– the biggest in the world, continues to go from strength to strength- please feel free to join that too.

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