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Are you interested in the biggest group for digital nomads and location independent people on LinkedIn?

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We’re the owners of the group- it has been the largest group on LinkedIn for this community since March this year.

We are really excited that it has now passed 1000 members!

The group is for:

  • people who haven’t heard much about being a digital nomad but want to learn about this growing, global trend.
  • people who are about to take the plunge- setting out on their digital nomad adventure.
  • people who are experienced at this life who want to help others.

By sharing wisdom and getting to know each other we will all get stronger. There are so many exciting developments happening that having a way to share them with each other is really important.

If you want to see just how big this is all going to get, check out this video:

So, if you want to be part of the biggest group for digital nomads on LinkedIn and make some excellent professional connections, what are you waiting for…

To join just click here, all are welcome!

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