How Do We Choose Our Next Destination As Digital Nomads?

We are enjoying Budapest so far. I found my favourite wine in the world in a local supermarket, while we live around the corner from the beautiful Parliament- here is Nisha next to it on our first evening here. Oh and we went to an ice bar!

Recently someone asked me a question about how we choose where to go as digital nomads. I thought it was a really good question that I haven’t tried to answer fully before, so here goes.

So far, as digital nomads we’ve been to Las Palmas, Berlin, Lisbon, Prague and now Budapest.

I would say that there are three key factors in helping us decide where to go:

1. Our interests-

We both like a lot of things about living in cities. Nisha is used to bigger cities than I am because she’s from London, but I’ve also now lived in London for a decent amount of time- plus I lived between Osaka and Kobe in Japan, which felt like one megacity. So as a default we tend to want to live in places with a decent population size.

We are independent entrepreneurs so we are also interested in places that have an up and coming start-up scene.

Plus, there are things we particularly enjoy. I am a big fan of food, wine and beer so have been very pleased by the places we have tried so far. For example, Czech beer is my favourite so going to a beer tasting in the grounds of Prague Castle on our first full day and visiting the brewery in Pilsen on my birthday were particular highlights.

How Do We Choose Our Next Destination As Digital Nomads?

We loved visiting Pilsen


2. Where we have already been-

Even before we met, we had both travelled a lot. So, we want to choose places that are a bit of an adventure for us both.

Part of us being digital nomads- probably the most important thing- is that we want to create amazing memories together. When we are old we’re going to have some great things to look back on and laugh about.

Where we actually are might also make a difference for us when we decide where to go next. For example, when we moved from Prague to Budapest we were able to take a train, which was a lot more of adventure and a lot cheaper than the plane.


3. The advice of other digital nomads-

Nomad List is brilliant for comparing different cities. You can compare things like cost of living, internet speeds and also things like how female friendly and gay friendly a place is.

Currently, Budapest is number 1 and Berlin is number 2!

The great thing for me about Nomad List is that it helps you to think of places that you might otherwise not have considered- and places that are less well-known but really liked by nomads can have their moment in the spotlight.

We also generally just listen to other digital nomads and consider how good a place seems to be from a digital nomad perspective- fast internet is a must and good coworking spaces are important too.

In our own case we are looking to find places to live that feel exciting but where we also feel that we can progress in our businesses and do some good work- so learning from other more experienced nomads about which places they like can really help.

We are sure that other digital nomads might use very different methods to determine where they will go. Some people for example really want to travel to a specific continent so will narrow down their choices like that. Others might only want to stay in each place for a week so it helps them to have good transport connections between places that they want to visit.

In any case, one of the most fun things about being a digital nomad is that it is up to you, there is no right way or wrong way.



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