Charities in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

Alex and I met whilst working for a charity in London. We have both been involved in a number of charitable projects both before and after working for that charity, so we have been excited to learn about charities (and social enterprises) in Las Palmas.

We will be updating this post every time we come across anything charitable during our stay in Las Palmas. Hopefully by the time we leave it will be full of lots of amazing stories and organisations!

Update 1: Rotary Fundraiser

In our first week here we spotted the Rotary International wheel at a roundabout and a fundraising poster on the window of a restaurant. I joined Rotaract, a Rotary-sponsored programme for people aged 18 – 30, in 2013. I became National Publicity Officer for Rotaract in Great Britain and Ireland in July, and then the following year was President of my local club. It’s fair to say I am a very passionate Rotaractor, so when we saw the Rotary wheel and the poster I was really excited!

Charities in Las Palmas, Gran Canaria

The Rotary fundraiser poster we saw in Las Palmas

Unfortunately we didn’t go to the fundraiser as we saw it the day it was taking place. We are keeping an eye out for future Rotary events that we can attend here – if you hear about any please let us know.

Update 2: Las Canteras Beach Nativity Scene

Every year on Las Canteras Beach in Las Palmas a nativity scene is created using sand. We have no idea how they create such wonderful sand sculptures but we are very happy they do! The nativity scene is free for the public to visit.

We have visited the sculpture twice, it was that good!

Charities in Las Palmas, Gran CanariaThere is a donation box at the entrance / exit, and in 2014 the Las Canteras Beach Nativity Sculpture raised over 17,000 euro for local food banks.

If you are in Las Palmas mid December to early January we really recommend a visit to the nativity scene.

  1. Hi there, I work on a ship the vessel I work on will be in Las Palmas in January. I plan to run the Las Palmas Marathon on the 21st Jan and thought it would be a nice idea to do it for charity and raise funds for an organisation on the island. Wondered if you could suggest a worthwhile charity?

    • Hi Simon,

      That’s a lovely idea- if you are still looking for charity suggestions we’d recommend contacting Nacho Rodríguez at CoworkingC as he’s sure to have some 🙂

      Good luck with the marathon.

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