Charities in Berlin

We really like finding out about charities and social enterprises. When we were in Las Palmas we started this charities page for anything we came across.

In Berlin, we have also been keeping an eye out for anything charitable.

I have been so excited to visit a couple of social enterprise cafes. I started a directory on Good News Shared in December 2014 – most of the cafes featured are in the UK, but I am pleased to have two in Berlin listed there now.

Refugio in Neukölln was the first one we visited. It opened in the summer of 2015 to help refugees integrate into their new communities.

The second is Café Kurve, a really nice local café in the Berlin Templehof area. The cafe provides people with mental health problems with employment, a daily structure and helps to improve their self-esteem.

Charities in Berlin

The food at Cafe Kurve was delicious!


Also, when living in Mitte, we walked past a church and noticed a sign about a community café. The Begegnungscafé, which started in November 2015 to help refugees, is held every Wednesday from 4-6pm in a room in St Johannis Church in Moabit. On average 25 refugees and 10 local people attend the Begegnungscafé. It was lovely to see the friendships that had been formed when I visited the Begegnungscafé. The refugees are mainly from Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, with a few from Pakistan and Moldova. The local people are people from the church community, as well as local people who want to help out.

It has been so interesting to learn about local initiatives like the Begegnungscafé, started by people who see a need and want to help. Another great initiative we have come across is ‘Give Something Back to Berlin’ – a website that makes it easy for people to find projects to support.

Do you know of any great charities or social enterprises in Berlin? Let us know about them in the comments below!

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