Berlin- The Greenest City I’ve Ever Been To

Berlin is Green in lots of ways (for example lots of recycling, lots of vegan restaurants) but this article is about the amount of green space that there is.

I grew up in Brighton near the beautiful South Downs so I am used to having quite a lot of greenery around. London, another place I made my home, has the most incredible parks- I even used to walk through a park past Buckingham Palace on my way to work. But for me, Berlin is the greenest city that I have ever been to.

There is so much green space around and always another park to discover.

I love how much green space there is in Berlin!

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More than that though it is the density of the greenery that stands out. If you look at this photo of us on our balcony for example you can see how close the trees are together. Sometimes looking out, especially when there is a (not infrequent) storm, it looks to me like we could be standing in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. I know that’s probably a stretch of the imagination too far!

A Berlin balcony ice-cream selfie to celebrate 5 years of being together!

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Probably the most famous street in Berlin is Unter Den Linden (Under The Linden Trees)- I thought that this street would stand out for having trees on it. However to my amazement so, so many streets have trees along them.

This is from the Berlin Tiergarten- the biggest park in central Berlin, right near where we live.

When my family visited we played hide and seek with a red squirrel.

The river and various canals snake through the city which adds to the feeling of nature being all around you. There are beautiful walks along them- here you can see a pleasure cruise passing by one of the pathways.


This is another park we like, in Friedrichshain- it has a pretty amazing fountain!


Another stunning park is Templehof- where the airport that was used during the Berlin Airlift has been converted to a massive green area with places for picnicking and for wildlife- we spotted some swallows just near there. You can even walk right down the runways.

I look forward to finding more amazing green spaces in Berlin and hope that if you come here that you enjoy them too!

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